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About - Mosaic

Mosaic mission

I started the brand of Mosaic in 2007. By that time, I had an experience in the nail industry for already 7 years and won OMC championship. I have always considered that nails might be a piece of art. But with a wide variety of products available around the world nowadays, it isn’t easy to choose the right brand. At some point I got confused myself and decided that the only way is to use something I just can trust. For me, this automatically means – something created by myself. This is how Mosaic showed up.

First, the idea was very simple and minimal. Just to make a variety of gels that are good to work with. Thus, I started as a user, I knew all pros and cons of gels from the very beginning. They say, to succeed in something one should do it every day. Later on, I plunged into the nail industry and opened up a brand new world which is now my own world. I am happy to welcome you here and to share all the miracle that you can trust. Mosaic thrives to be the only one for you.

What I noticed while being a common user, is that few brands have a nail technician on the stages of development and production of a certain product. This is what I though should be one of Mosaic key points. Mosaic brand looks for the future and foresees what a nail guru might need to both fulfill artistic ambitions and satisfy the client. That’s why Mosaic high professionals develop formulas together with the nail technicians from the very first step. Only after that the chemist externalizes all the ideas in the laboratory.

I think in advance about the cuteness too. I call it ‘the brand on the palm of one’s hand’. Means, while developing a new product line I consider that a nail master looks at the products from above. Apparently, the master needs to find a wanted tinge or bottle easily. For that Mosaic plays with the combination of shapes and shades, building associations and helping the master and the client to remember what gel was used for a precise manicure. I also believe that everything what the master has on a working desk should look beautiful. It’s reflected in design of Mosaic bottles and covers. Cute is the word.

Color palette is the thing that matters. In Mosaic palette there is no random color or tinge at all. Each nail designer wants to express the own personality too. Mosaic brand is the best stuff for that. Mosaic is the inspiration itself. Our professionals consider color density, coverage and shade to develop the best result possible. Mosaic knows how to threat the color and how to produce it quickly.

Inspiration is all around us. Even in places where we don’t expect. In the leaf beneath the feet, in shop windows, in the air. I believe, if somebody is looking for the inspiration – will find it.