Gel polish

Colour rich, sparkling, creamy, tender and gentle colours ergonomically divided into series. Professional size bottle and comfortable brush.

Bond x

Acid-free bonder which can be used with gel polish, gel and acrylic, it can even be used under traditional nail polish.

Сuticle oil

Dry cuticles? Not anymore! Well-groomed nails and cuticles create a beautiful frame for your new manicure. Pamper yourself!


Extremely strong builder gel – Some customers call it “super gel”. Build stilettos of any length in less time than expected!

Colour Guard top gel

Invisible shield for your manicures! Ultimate colour protection and extremely durable shine! Customers favorite choice!


Originally developed back in 2015- still most popular cover pink gel. Looks beautiful on most skin types!

Clear builder gels

We just want to make it all clear! With our Clear builder gels the scheme of perfect nails will become just transparent for you. Set your eyes on Crystal gel – one of our bestsellers – and you’ll groove.

Neo builder gel

Neo is an ultimate builder gel that cannot be compared to any other builder gel. It’s liquid but doesn’t flow, flexible but strong. It’s a pure magic that combines an incongruous!

Royal gel-paint

Royal gel is so shiny, that you will have to put on sunglasses to resist its gloss. The reason is – it contains real crumpled gold leaf!